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Supreme Maju Sdn Bhd’s proud establishment dates back to year 2009. Since then, the company has become a leading white rice supplier. Its processing plant is located in Kedah – the “rice bowl” of the Malaysia. It covers 12 acres of land, and is one of the largest white rice producers in the Malaysia.

The company invests in specialized production and also creates its stand-out brand, including Delis BROWN (brown rice), NELAYAN (white rice) and Hayati (white rice), with the ultimate promise to preserve the highest rice meal quality.


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Our Brands

Supreme Maju is your trusted supplier of high quality white rice.


Discover the finest selection of premium rice varieties from Supreme Maju. Shop now for the best white rice in Malaysia!

Our Vision

To be a major distributor of rice in Peninsular Malaysia, and produce a variety of quality rice continuously from generation to generation

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Our Mission

Providing the most reasonable price and products to the consumers from all walks of life.

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